acid engraving on a Blue Belgium stone, metal + Paper, graphite. Wood,

Variable dimensions

There are more declinations of this work each time different in size and nature of the device : T.S. 1, 2, 3, 4. The work consists of a focus on iconographic details of engravings from 1600 to 1800 redesigned by hand and engraved on Belgian Blue Stone.

The audience is always invited to perform a frottage of the work it can keep for free.

The centre of artistic concern is the iconographic reinterpretation that is born with the engraving that copies the iconographic codes of painting to be able to diffuse them.

The continuity of the work is then delegated to the spectator that continues the process of iconographic dissemi- nation.

To Share #1,2015, acid engraving on a Blue Belgium stone, metal 90x50x60h ,+ Paper, graphite, Wood, 90x50x60 and 4. Drawing It’s detail of “Marcus Curtius” by H.Raidel’s 1620 circa.


#2 : engraving on a Blue Belgium stone, 15x15x90 cm

  detail of Mannerist engraving of 1600 century by Hendrick Goltzius

#3 : engraving on a Blue Belgium stone,  public commission for the project "le chemin des cailloux" of Pascaline Wollast situated in Watermael Boitsfort district of  Brussels Be. 

To Share #4

2017Acid engraving on a Blue Belgium stone, 86x120x2 cm Wood, roll paper A0 , graphite. Drawing It’s detail of “the fall of Fetont” by H.Goltzius’s 1620 circa.